Method of Simple Yoga

How you can be seated in a beneficial position of your body


This text describes how you can combine natural positions of your legs, hips and backbone, small muscular efforts and rest to be seated in a beneficial position of your body.

You can use the method to be seated comfortably in a beneficial cross-legged position in your present physical condition.

You can also use the method to be seated in a beneficial position on a chair, not cross-legged.

This is enough information for you to begin and progress in simple yoga without personal help from an instructor.

1  The method is described in chapter 1.  The chapters that follow contain detailed information about the method.

2  Detailed description of a beginner's cross-legged position

3  Experiencing energy, effort, tiring and rest in the muscles that support your legs, hips and backbone while you remain seated still

Progress in the development of a cross-legged position, and how to support your heel or ankle on the shin of your opposite leg beneath it

Main concerns of simple yoga

6  Being seated on a chair or similar support to benefit from the position of your body  

7  Features of a beneficial kneeling position 

8  How to verify that the upright position of your body is beneficial, by relating the position of your backbone, and the muscular effort and rest that support it -to your breathing

Thinking that can help you to maintain a beneficial position of your body

10  A friend can help to verify your position of remaining seated still.

11  Reflective prostration

12  Diagrams of the structures and physical concerns of the seated positions that are described in this text

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February 11, 2018

Chapter 1